Finally – an update

Back from South Korea where I’ve spent the last few weeks doing my final project. Here are some fun pics I took with my phone whilst there. Seriously thinking of scrapping wordpress – don’t like the way it works. Unuser friendly, I’d say. Anyway …….


Blackpool Valiant; Blackpool Valium – Easter 2011 Project

Here’s my Easter project. The text comes out small on this blog but reading it will put everything in context.

Thanks to Laura and Helen for their help with the final edit. Couldn’t have done it without you, girls.

It’s been …..

….. quiet for me in blog-land recently due to getting the photo project (topic: Blackpool’s duality) done over Easter, plus the writing of that 2,500 word essay ( topic: William Eggleston), so, in the meantime, here are a couple of shots or so taken in Richmond Park, Surrey,  recently.

More phone fun

We spent a long weekend in and around the beautiful city of Bath over the last weekend. We were helping friends with a charity event, run to raise awareness of the issue of trafficking women and children (more on that in a future post). However, there was time for me to use  my phone to get some snaps of a Sunday walk and some shots in and around the  home  we stayed in.

Assignment No. 8 – a journey in ten photos

The title says it all really. I decided on something simple and shot a journey to meet a friend for lunch and then getting home again. I included a couple of shots to show what my friend might see on the way to and from the meet. Just what, if anything, do we really notice as we journey to a destination/an event?  Do you view the journey as part of the event or is the journey just a means of getting to an event itself? An example might be a two-week package holiday in Terriblemelinos, or somewhere similar. Is the getting to and waiting in the airport, the flight, the bus to the hotel etc, all seen as part of the holiday, or …. does the holiday only start once the suitcases have been unpacked at the hotel, with the ‘getting there’ just being a hassle?

Assignment No. 7 – a 5 photo story

For this assignment I decided to shoot at an amateur rugby union club, the Old Actonians. I didn’t want to shoot “sports pictures”, rather the things that take place around the game; a game where otherwise normally sane men willingly give up their Saturday afternoons to knock lumps out of each other – all for fun. This week during the course tutorial session, the tutor chose a very different edit to the 5 photos I chose as my edit (in either case the “5” were chosen from an earlier edit of around 30 photos.
The photos above are my edit, the ones below are Patrick’s (today’s tutor) edit. On second look, I think he may have a point.